Kelsey R.

I have always struggled with weight. I didn't understand how to eat properly to give my body the right kind of fuel nor did I understand how to work out. Running was torture. Weight lifting was a mystery and I had no idea what to do at the gym. If my clothes started feeling tight, I didn't think "ok, I need to cut back on the food I'm eating or work out" so I could fit back into my clothes, I just thought "crap, I'm getting fat" and bought some bigger clothes. And I felt awful. As a single 29 year old woman, I wasn't happy with my life. I felt like my life was slipping away and I was missing out on my best years because I had let my eating habits get the best of me. Then, I had an epiphany.... I COULD get healthier. I COULD work hard and learn how to eat and exercise and, at the end of the day, I COULD feel better about myself. And I COULD do it by my 30th birthday (10 months away).


I knew it wouldn't be easy. I'd spent so much of my life eating poorly and didn't work out at all, so I knew I needed help. A friend knew a few people who had been training with Nick and they all loved him. So, I gave him a call. As we started working together, it was really difficult. BUT, I felt better. And, when I was sucking it up at the gym and felt weak, Nick focused on what I was doing well and how I was progressing. Never once did he lecture me, yell at me, make me cry... all the things I thought a personal trainer would do.


Fast forward to my 30th birthday, I lost 60 pounds, 45.3 inches all over my body (most importantly... 9.5 inches on my waist and 13.8 inches on my butt!) and I lost 17% of my body fat. I am no longer holding myself back from living life because I don't feel good about myself. And, most importantly, I understand how to treat my body and how to keep it healthy. Nick has really helped me more than I can really convey in words. I can never thank him enough for helping me to be a better version of myself and giving me the tools to keep my body healthy.



Three months ago I made the decision to work toward a better, healthier me.  I was the heaviest I've ever been, and simple tasks like walking up stairs, or bending over to tie my shoes were becoming more and more challenging.  A friend referred me to Nick Olsen and hiring him to be my personal trainer has changed my life in the most incredible way.  He is encouraging, supportive, and pushes me to keep striving toward my goal.  He knows exactly what to do for my specific body to help me lose weight, get healthier, and become the best me I can be.  He helps me to stay on task, even when it's really hard and I don't feel like I can do it.  I see him twice a week and after every session and I am more and more inspired, motivated and dedicated to keep going.  Watching my own transformation over the last three months, where I have lost 35lb, has been an incredible journey and I am excited to continue toward my final goal.  Hiring Nick was one of the best decisions of my life... and my body, my health, my attitude, my self esteem, my happiness, and my life as a whole... are all the better for it.

Dani B.

This program is AMAZING. I have tried other diets and programs with little or no success and as soon as I stopped doing them I watched my weight just climb back up to where it was and higher. A friend of mine sent me the information on Nick and his program and I figured why not give this a try. I was amazed by how easy it was. I could still eat with my family and didn't feel like I was on a diet. I have more energy and feel 100% better about how I look. I have gained confidence in myself. I don't have access to a gym and did it all from home. My hair is healthier, my nails are growing and are stronger, my skin looks better. Most important is I feel GREAT! I have had times when I felt myself slipping and sent Nick an email, he is always quick to reply with some great advise on how to get overcome those moments. He really cares about who you are, what's going on in your life and wants to see you succeed.


I recently lost my job and had to go buy new clothes to go out on job interviews and it was nice to be out of the "women's" sizes and back into "regular" sizes. Swimsuit shopping this year wasn't as bad as years before either.  It sure feels nice when I see friends I haven't seen in awhile and they are shocked at my new look. I am down 35 pounds and have about 40 more to go and thanks to the confidence I have gained in myself I know I can reach my goal. Nick knows what he is doing. You aren't expected to change your life just your lifestyle of eating and exercising.

Tyler H.

Working with Nick has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've always been in fairly good shape and thought I had the knowledge I needed to maintain my strength and build the muscle mass I wanted. In a matter of 6 months of working with Nick I found out how wrong I was. He taught me more about nutrition and training than I thought possible. I began to reach many of the goals I thought would take me at least a year or longer to achieve. I'm feeling great. I have the definition that I desire, my endurance is as high as I it was when I was running cross country and wrestling. He helped to prepare me for the goal of running a Spartan Race this June. Nick is a great trainer, and friend! He truly cares about the success of his clients!

Laura G.

I was more than 70 pounds overweight.  I’ve been to Weight Watchers (several times), on weight loss medications, to the doctors, nutritionist, and boot camps.  I lost weight with each, however, eventually gained back even more weight when I felt deprived. I have a severe family history of heart disease and I had reached a point of desperation when an acquaintance who knew one of Nick Olsen's clients recommended I call him. Without thinking twice I called Nick.


We began working together on April 19, 2012.  In 2 months have lost 21 pounds, but what is more important is what I have gained.  I have learned how to eat and not be hungry or crave sugar.  I have learned that I am strong and capable of doing difficult things.  I have learned that I am worth the effort.  Nick has encouraged me to enjoy life beyond the dinner table.  In September I will be competing in a sprint triathlon, something I NEVER dreamed of doing before working with Nick.  Now it is a reality.  I have Nick in my corner on the good and the bad days.  When I have a moment of doubt Nick reminds me of how far I’ve come and continued success is there for the taking.  My family, friends and Nick cheer me on as I continue to work toward my goal of losing weight and ensuring my he

Charrisse F.

When I first started training with Nick, he was patient with me as I learned the exercises and how to eat right. Nick helped me change the way I think about food and eating. He has also helped me become more physically fit. I have lost 50 lbs. so far and I am now able to move around and do things so much better.


I had a frozen shoulder when we started training and the doctor told me I needed surgery on it, but after 4 weeks of training with Nick, my shoulder had almost full mobility again. I also had knee pain all the time, but that went away I strengthened it through exercise.


Over all I feel great now. I have more energy, I can walk stairs without getting winded and I have more knowledge about how I should live to stay healthy and fit.



After spending months of time and thousands of dollars, I finally found a trainer that understood my goals and was as committed as I am to achieve results.  Nick has helped me take my body to a level of fitness I never thought possible.  His careful planning and attention to the details are what enabled me to succeed.


It is so important to not only believe in the plan your trainer creates but to be able to see the results in their fitness as well. I am continually inspired to push harder to try and keep up with his lead.  He notices imbalances in my body, is aware of how mood and emotion weigh into things and is always there to give me that little bit of advice to keep me on track.


A few months of hard work, and I am at my best. My body looks better than ever before and my confidence in both my appearance and ability makes it all worthwhile. Thank you Nick, you’ve changed my life.


Brent & Teri H.

Working out with Nick is awesome.  I’ve been working out with Nick since October 2009.  His knowledge of fitness and nutrition and the balance of the two is what immediately impressed me and continues to be pivotal in helping me plan and meet my fitness and health goals.  In 2009 my daughter invited me to attend a yoga class with her, since she knew that for a couple of years I had wanted to “get back in shape” and take control of the aging process.  I knew and the yoga class confirmed that I was in bad health and fitness.


I’ve reached several goals training with Nick; I’ve lost about 40 pounds, gained a good 12 lbs of lean muscle mass, got my cholesterol levels back into normal ranges, (it’s great now to visit the doctor for a physical and have him smile and say “you’ve got it figured out now”).  In the last few years I’ve taken up snowboarding, scuba diving, and rock climbing with my kids, and I’ve gone back to activities that I love to do, but was giving up on—hiking, fishing, and backpacking. 


I truly feel “younger next year, and the next . . . . “.  I haven’t felt this good since my late 30’s which, was 20 years ago, so thank you Nick for helping reverse 20 years of bad habits and aging . . . . .  

Life, “my health” life is good now, really good . . .

Brent H. – June 2012



I’ve been working out with Nick for about two years now; it has been one of the best things in my life.  I wanted to “look good” to go to Hawaii, so I started to train with Nick at my husband’s suggestion.  I quickly gained confidence in Nick’s knowledge of nutrition and fitness and his ability to tailor my training and nutritional requirements to my specific needs.  Since working out with Nick I’ve lost about (?) pounds.  All of my metabolic measures have improved; I have more strength and energy and found that I can deal with the stresses of life more easily.  Several years ago I injured my shoulder and suffered with a frozen shoulder, since training with Nick, the strength and mobility of my shoulder have greatly improved.  Eighteen months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Training and working with Nick, has prepared me for each of my surgeries and treatments, and I have found that I’ve recovered a little more quickly from each.  I look forward to continuing to train with Nick and to “feel younger and better this year and many years to come”.

Teri H. – June 2012

Dr. M. Jared McOmber

One of the earliest conversations I recall with Nick is when I asked him about fitness and the type of work that he does in personal training.  He explained to me how so many people out there are seeking to look and be like someone else.  What they fail to understand is that everyone is different.  They are different in personality, appearance and essentially in their genetic makeup.  Nick explained to me that his goal in training others was to help them achieve their own maximum potential, to become their best self.  Once I heard this, I knew Nick had something special here.  Imagine, not having to worry about how you look by comparing yourself to someone else?  You can look and feel your best independent of anyone else.  So I decided to try it for myself and went on his program.  I found the foods that he recommended were wholesome, nutritious and up to date with good health practices. And not only did I find myself looking and feeling great but after a short while people around me started noticing the difference in my physique and began asking questions about what I was doing.  And I feel like I’m continuing to improve!  It’s very exciting!


Nick’s program is a venue for people to start taking command of their bodies and become who they want to become.  He is incredibly accessible whenever there is a question and my friends who went on his program also kept telling me how nice it was to be able to email him and get such quick responses.

Another thing that sets Nick apart is that he is a living example of what he teaches.  He has several years experience in dieting and exercise training and you’ll see him entering competitions throughout the year.  He is living proof that he knows what he is doing and can help others to do and become their best.  I’ve been recommending his expertise to all my friends.